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Antidoping > Antidoping laboratories in Africa


Africa Antidoping Accredited Laboratories

accreditation from WADA.(

Bloemfontein, SOUTH AFRICA

Head of the Laboratory
Dr. Pieter J. van der Merwe

South African Doping Control Laboratory - Bloemfontein

Department of Pharmacology
University of the Free State
P.O. Box 339 (G6)
ZA - 9300 Bloemfontein
Republic of South Africa
Tel.: (27.51) 401 31 82
Fax: (27.51) 444 15 23


Head of the Laboratory
Dr. Mohamed Hédi Loueslati
Laboratoire de dépistage du dopage - Tunis, Tunisia

11, bis rue Jebel Lakhdar
1006 Bab Saadoun
TN - Tunis
Tel.: (216.71) 570 117 / 577 643
Fax: (216.71) 571 015


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